This festive hot mulled wine is easy, delicious, and healthy! The perfect drink on a cold winter day to warm you from the inside out.

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With winter officially here, I love to cozy up with a nice hot drink on a cold day. And there’s really nothing better than a nice glass of hot mulled wine. It’s perfect for entertaining because you literally dump everything in a pot or slow cooker and heat until it it’s warm. It couldn’t be any easier!

It’s easy, smells amazing, and it just tastes like Christmas! And without all the added sugars many hot mulled wine recipes call for, this is a healthy hot mulled wine you can drink all winter without any guilt. In fact, it even has a lot of health benefits!

Health Benefits of Hot Mulled Wine

Not only does this sipping on this warm drink feel good, but it’s also even good for you! Because it’s made from red wine, citrus, and spiced, hot mulled wine has a number of health benefits (when consumed in moderation of course!).

1. Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

Many studies suggest that drinking red wine can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, which causes heart attacks and strokes.

Red wine is a good source of resveratrol, an antioxidant that protects the body against damage, that can reduce LDL (“bad” cholesterol) and prevent blood clots. 

2. Fight inflammation

The cinnamon in hot mulled wine has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect to restore normal tissue function. The antioxidants in red wine and cloves also reduce inflammation.

3. Boost immunity

The antioxidant is red wine can help boost immunity and fight infections, which is very important in the winter during cold season.

4. Boost brain power

The resveratrol in red wine helps to improve blood flow, which can boost brain function and memory.

5. Slows aging

The resveratrol in red wine may help slow down the aging process by helping cell rejuvenate. It also helps fight free radicals in the skin to keep it looking younger.


Hot mulled wine is very versatile and easy to customize to your tastes, so mix and match to find your favorite recipe!


A bottle of inexpensive sweet red wine is perfect! No need to use anything fancy because the citrus flavor and spices will take the lead.


Oranges are the classic citrus in hot mulled wine, but you can also use lemons or limes.


Cinnamon and cloves (sticks and whole cloves or ground) are my favorites. However, you can also add some nutmeg.


To keep this beverage on the healthier side (and because I used a sweet red wine), I don’t add any sweeteners, but feel free to add sugar, or honey for a natural sweetener.

So grab a glass, get cozy by the fire, and stay warm on a chilly night this winter with hot mulled wine (to improve your health, of course)!