These healthy and kid-approved Spinach Banana Pancakes are a wholesome breakfast with a little serving of veggies hidden inside for picking eaters. Instead of refined flour or sugar, they’re made with oat flour for some healthy carbs and fiber. The banana provides a natural sweetener so no syrup is necessary!

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Spinach Banana Pancakes

Everyone knows we’re supposed to eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day. But unless you’re eating a giant salad for lunch every day, it’s hard to get that many in! And if adults struggle with it, how on earth do we expect picky eater kids to do it?

That’s why I love hiding vegetables inside foods they already eat!

Spinach in Pancakes?

My kids love pancakes (I mean, who doesn’t?!). But I hate serving them processed junk from a box at home. So I started making Lindsey banana and oatmeal pancakes when she was a baby. Then one day I had some extra spinach so I threw it in to see if she would notice. Guess what? She didn’t!

When you use a high powered blender like this one, the blended spinach is totally smooth. No gross leafy chunks are left behind like in cheap blenders (even my mom’s Ninja leaves some chunks!). 

Perfect for Picky Eaters

And ever since, these Spinach Banana Pancakes have been one of our breakfast staples. Not only are they nutritious, but they’re also easy and inexpensive to make! They’re made from 4 simple ingredients – oats, eggs, spinach, and a banana. Plus vanilla extract and cinnamon (but those are pantry staples so I’m not counting them).

The oats provide a little fiber and complex carbs. Eggs give the pancakes a dose of healthy fat and protein. Spinach packs a ton of vitamins and minerals into each serving. And the banana provides just enough natural sweetness and a smooth texture. 

Furthermore, they store well in the fridge for a few days so you only have to cook once and breakfast is ready for the entire week! 

And because they’re naturally sweetened from bananas, they don’t even need syrup. That also means no sticky syrup fingers! But if you absolutely need a topping on your pancakes, I suggest a smear of almond butter and a few more banana slices on top 🙂

So whip up a big batch of these wholesome, healthy, and delicious Spinach Banana Pancakes this weekend to enjoy all week!

How to Make Spinach Banana Pancakes

Pulse the oats in a blender (this is the one I use and LOVE!) for a few seconds to grind into oat flour (they should resemble a coarse flour). Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth.



Next, pour batter into a greased (with nonstick spray or preferred cooking oil) and pre-heated skillet over medium heat.

Cook for 1-2 minutes, then flip and cook the other side for another 1-2 minutes until cooked through

Serve plain (how my kids like them), with nut butter (how I like them), or with maple syrup.

You would think kids would be disgusted by green pancakes, but they don’t even question it (I also don’t let them see me put “salad” in the batter)! They were drooling over them! I mean, look at those tiny hands patiently waiting for me to finish taking pictures of them so they could eat more!