This yummy bowl of strawberry chia oatmeal pudding is the perfect high protein breakfast. It’s also delicious for spring as the temps start warming up and strawberries come into season.  This oatmeal pudding comes together in just minutes the night before. So it’s all ready for a quick and easy breakfast in the morning. Enjoy this overnight oatmeal cold for a refreshing high-protein breakfast on the go. Or warm it up for some comforting nourishment.


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Oatmeal: my favorite breakfast!

I love oatmeal! Therefore I would be perfectly content eating it every single day (even multiple times a day!).

I love the comforting feeling of a warm bowl of fluffy oats first thing in the morning. It’s nourishing and satiating plain but can be spiced up into exciting creations making it almost like a breakfast treat! But if I want to eat oatmeal away from home, overnight oats are certainly more convenient. They’re quick, easy and ready to pack into my gym bag or lunch box for breakfast on the go. But sometimes the flavors just don’t taste right to me being cold.

Strawberry Chia Oatmeal Pudding

Enter strawberry overnight oatmeal pudding! First of all, the refreshing strawberry flavor is excellent cold. And the chia seeds give it a nice, thick, creamy texture!

George was out of town and I was on bikini competition prep on Valentine’s Day. So I knew I wasn’t going to get (and shouldn’t eat) the usual chocolate covered strawberries. But I still wanted a festive way to celebrate without! So I had the brilliant idea to cut my strawberries into cute little hearts (mostly for my daughter).

Side note: this was way harder than I thought it was going to be! It probably took me about 20 minutes to slice 5 strawberries into hearts and I was left with several sad looking ovals or misshapen hearts.  So I threw them in the blender with some oats for some overnight oatmeal. Then I added in some vanilla protein powder, banana milk and some chia seeds for some healthy fats, and my failed attempts at fruit shaping turned into a delicious bowl of oatmeal!

I seriously considered eating it all right then because it was so good, but I knew it would be even better after it thickened up in the morning.

So instead of a fancy date on Valentine’s Day, I enjoyed a little love and a lot of protein in my healthy strawberry chia overnight oatmeal in the morning to kick off V-day!